Wednesday, August 10, 2011

innerActive & AdWhirl, take 2

Few days ago I've published a post how to make an AdWhirl adapter for innerActive. Just after publishing the post I've noticed innerActive released a major version for their Android SDK (3.0.3).

Here is the new adapter:


Christian Albert Mueller said...

thanks, that is what i was looking for... i use it now for mob fox and interactive..

BUT one problem i have... often i get the ads in a MINI Size.. first i thought its just with interactive... but when i included also mobfox in that CustomEvent.... also they often appear MINI ... like 20% size centered in the middle.. what could that be (would be great you can answer to my email also)


Sagi said...

@Christian - you might want to try adding 'android:anyDensity="false"' to your manifest.

I remember the old innerActive SDK had this problem, but I haven't encountered it in the latest version.