Thursday, July 12, 2012

Advanced ACRA 1: OS Version reporting

Assumption: ACRA is set and running.

Here's how to display in which Android OS version you get the most exceptions. If the exceptions distribution are different from Android OS distribution in the market - the issues might be OS version dependent.

You can use Google Visualization API as described here.

but there's a simpler solution - create a summary with-in the Google Docs spreadsheet.

1. Open an active ACRA reporting spreadsheet (containing data).
2. On the main menu: 'Data' -> 'Pivot table report'
3. In the 'Report Editor' do:
3.1. Select: 'Rows' -> 'Add field' and select ANDROID_VERSION
3.2. Select (Optional): 'Columns' -> 'Add field' and select APP_VERSION_NAME
3.3. Select: 'Values' -> 'Add field' and select 'Timestamp'. Click on 'Summarize by' and select COUNT.
3.4. Select (Optional): 'Filter' -> 'Add field' and select APP_VERSION_NAME, and select which app versions to display

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