Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Diagnosing repetitive BSOD

I had repetitive BSOD on my Windows 7 x64 Samsung laptop.

Here is the steps I think I should have taken (stop when the problem found):
1. Download Blue Screen View by Nir Sofer and check which driver cause the BDOS. If it's the same driver all the time - root cause found.

2. Memory check: (don't use the Windows 7 built-in memory check, it missed my problem) Download memtest86+ and check your physical memory. This tool might taken few hours to run.

3. Disk check: Run full disk check - open the disk in Windows Explorer, right click on the driver root, click on "Properties", than "Tools", under "Error Checking", check all check boxes and press on check now. After rebooting you can view the results in the "Events Viewer" under "Windows Logs" -> "Application", sort by "Source" column and search for "Wininit"

If nothing found so far, my best guess is  to backup the computer & re-format it. If the BDOS continues it's an hardware issue, otherwise it was some other software issue.

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