Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eclipse hangs during building Android projects workspace

Problem: Eclipse kept on hanging during auto-building Android projects.
I found a resource which said (escalating solutions):
1. Clean the projects.
2. Create a new workspace & import all projects.
3. Reinstall Eclipse

After trying 1 & 2, I found the following weird solution:
- Remove the auto-build (Project => Build Automatically). Kill the Eclipse (since it hangs...)
- Restart Eclipse.
- Delete the 'gen' folder of all the projects (using the Package Explorer)
- Project => Clean (clean all projects)
- Build the projects

Don't know why it worked (at least until now).

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prakhy said...

If you are using windows, Open Windows Task Manager and serach for process named 'aapt.exe' and kill the same. This makes library update will start frome begining and it will continue further.