Monday, January 30, 2012

Downloading Android source code on Windows

Here's the short-short version:
  1. Download and install command line Git client: msysgit.
  2. Download the root Android project using Git.exe (located in /bin folder of msysgit)
    git clone
  3. In the target folder you'll find few XML files. Open default.xml. You can see multiple tags . Choose the project you want to download. You need the name attribute of the project. Write the following line to download:
    git clone
To download the most interesting project (IMHO) frameworks/base, the GIT command is:
git clone

Projects of interest:
  • packages/apps/XXXX - The project names of the apps that comes bundled with Android (excluding proprietry Google apps such as the Android Market) such as the Gallery, Camera etc.
  • external/XXXX - 3rd party software (ping, bzip, etc).
  • frameworks/base - The sources of the Java system.

1 comment:

Affinity said...

I get it. But can you tell me how can I download version specific code? For example, I want check out camera app for Android 2.2 and Android 4.0 as well.

In that case, what command should I use?

I am currently using the following command and it downloads the source but it does not tell me which version of source code it has downloaded.

git clone

Can you help me figure out how to download OS version specific source code?

I also checked XML files it downloaded from platform/manifest but still have no idea!

Will appreciate your help.