Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Android promotion: pay per install

I tried looking for ways to promote Android apps. It was hard. Why companies aren't saying: we're doing Pay-Per-Install campaigns? (alternative names include: Cost-Per-Install, CPI, Cost-Per-Action, CPA)

Here's a list of pay-per-install for Android I've found so far (on going work, please correct me if there's something wrong here):
  • AppBrain - Free apps only, Minimum bid: 0.20$, minimal daily budget: 25$, minimal campaign budget: 100$. See more details here. No SDK integration required,
  • TapJoy - Pay-per-install plus optional pay-per-action (which probably cost much more). Minimum bid: 0.10$ for rewarded install. SDK integration required. Does not accept PayPal.
  • Flurry AppCircle - Free & paid apps. Minimum bid: 0.75$
  • Everbadge - Free & paid apps. Minimum bid: 0.15$. SDK integration required,
  • AppRedeem - Free & paid apps. Minimum bid: 0.50$ (paid apps), 0.15$ (free apps)
  • PlayMobs - Minimum bid: 0.10$ for rewarded install. No SDK integration required.
Possible Pay Per Install, not sure:


Sam said...

hi Sagi, Everbadge minimum is $0.15 :)

Sagi said...

@Sam - 10x. updated.

@Brink_Apps said...

TapJoy is $0.10 for rewarded install!

Sagi said...

@Brink_Apps - 10x. Updated.

Sergio said...

TapJoy pay per install minimum bid is half the price of your app (for paid apps). So for a 2$ app it costs minimum 1$.
AppRedeem minimum bid for paid apps is 0.3$ and requires to install their SDK

luke said...

I've tried tapjoy and flurry, and tapjoy is miles better.

Instead of paying $0.75 per install and getting about 10 per day on flurry, I'm paying $0.10 per install and have got 100 installs in a matter of minutes with tapjoy!

Craig King said...

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