Monday, February 20, 2012

Android Market Optimization

This subject also known as App Store Optimization (ASO). Few people started to write posts on this subject for Android, this post is an on-going work to collect links to those posts:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Android promotion: pay per install

I tried looking for ways to promote Android apps. It was hard. Why companies aren't saying: we're doing Pay-Per-Install campaigns? (alternative names include: Cost-Per-Install, CPI, Cost-Per-Action, CPA)

Here's a list of pay-per-install for Android I've found so far (on going work, please correct me if there's something wrong here):
  • AppBrain - Free apps only, Minimum bid: 0.20$, minimal daily budget: 25$, minimal campaign budget: 100$. See more details here. No SDK integration required,
  • TapJoy - Pay-per-install plus optional pay-per-action (which probably cost much more). Minimum bid: 0.10$ for rewarded install. SDK integration required. Does not accept PayPal.
  • Flurry AppCircle - Free & paid apps. Minimum bid: 0.75$
  • Everbadge - Free & paid apps. Minimum bid: 0.15$. SDK integration required,
  • AppRedeem - Free & paid apps. Minimum bid: 0.50$ (paid apps), 0.15$ (free apps)
  • PlayMobs - Minimum bid: 0.10$ for rewarded install. No SDK integration required.
Possible Pay Per Install, not sure: