Thursday, November 22, 2012

Eclipse: Unable to find Action Set

Problem: After updating Eclipse my Android plug-in stopped working. Checking a bit more, all my Eclipse plug-ins stopped working (they even didn't appear in the Help->About windows).

In the errors log window (Window->Show View->Error Log) I saw the error "Unable to find Action Set" for all the plug-ins. For example, the Android plug-ins errors:
Unable to find Action Set: adt.actionSet.lint
Unable to find Action Set: adt.actionSet.avdManager
Unable to find Action Set: adt.actionSet.refactorings
Unable to find Action Set: adt.actionSet.wizards

Solution: I checked many options, bottom line, the problem was solved in my case when I've uninstalled (Help->About->Installation Details) a package called: Object Teams Patch for JDT/Core