Sunday, July 10, 2011

Error conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1

UPDATE: This issue was fixed in SDK Tools 17. If you have SDK Tools 17+ the solution here will not help you.

There is a bug in the latest Android SDK Tools (revisions 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16) which cause the following error:
Error conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1
when you try to export your Android application & got Proguard enabled.

Google will probably fix it within few days, until then DO NOT UPDATE to Android SDK Tools revision 12. Someone already opened a bug on this issue.

Solution 1 - Restore SDK Tools v11 (ugly but it works):
If you did upgrade, the instructions how to install Android SDK Tools v11 on top can be found here. I did something similar which I think is safer & easy to undo:
1. Download Android SDK Tools v11 installer from here:
2. Rename the existing Android SDK\Tools folder to Tools-v12
3. Open the installer using 7zip, go to folder $_OUTDIR, and copy the folder 'Tools' the the position under Android SDK folder.

Solution 2 - Upgrade to Proguard 4.7 (needs to be reapplied after every SDK Tools upgrade):
Manually update Proguard to version 4.7. You'll have to do it again after each update of the SDK Tools.
1. Download Proguard 4.7 (zip):
2. Extract the folders "bin" & "lib" from the zip on top the existing Proguard installation in the SDK Tools Proguard folders "bin" & "lib", should be around here (Win x64):
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Android SDK\tools\proguard


Chenio Software said...

Hey, thanks for this blog. I am glad that I found this right away after I started to have this issue :)

Girish said...

Thank you very much !

Gilberto Garcia said...

I spent three hours looking for this solution. Thank you!

Varun Rally said...
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Vito Cassisi said...

Upgrading to ProGuard 4.6 worked for me.

Senthiil said...

Thanks for the post. Still i'm getting this issue. four months passed i don't know whether google fixed it or not.

Rus said...

Thanks man!! You are the best of the best. From Russia with love! =*

Tingting said...

Still get this error with latest SDK when exporting a Google API's project for 2.1. Works fine for 2.2 though...

Anonymous said...

Nice.. thank u sooo much.

132_MakeUp said...

Thank you very much, this worked very well.

132_MakeUp said...
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