Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monetizing Android applications

In a recent talk I've heard by Itay Rokni of StartApp.com he listed the various monetizing options Android developer has (to date):

  • In app ads - Ads inside the application: banners, full page, leads generators etc. See for example AdMob.

  • Paid apps - The user pay to get the application. Not free options.

  • Freemium - Basic application is free, the user can buy the full application or in-app buy more features.

  • Notification bar ads - Ads that appear not inside the application, but in the notification bar. For example see airpush.com.

  • Search icon - Create a search icon after app installation. The provider pay per installation or revenue share. For example see StartApp.com

Few notes if you're using In app ads:

  • Trust no one - AdMob is the industry benchmark and every says 'we're better than AdMob'. I found this statement to be almost always wrong.

  • Use mediation layer - Use mediation layer such as AdWhirl to control which ad networks you're using. Ad networks go up and down, it's better to control the follow of ads dynamically and not depend on updating the APK in the market.

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